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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pet Killer in North Fort Myers, Florida

A North Fort Myers family is devastated after someone brutally kills their family pets. Someone used pesticides to kill two parakeets and no one who lives near the crime scene is talking.
Lauren Torres couldn't believe it when she got home and found one of her parakeets dead, the other one barely breathing.  "He was like shaking and he was making, like he was gasping for air" Torres recalls, "you could tell it was suffering and I felt so bad and then my son started crying."

Torres' 8 year old son took care of the parakeets and says he's afraid to buy another one because the same thing could happen again.

But who could have committed such a horrible crime? "They're a sick individual to do something like that to animals" Torres says, "This is just malicious."
Both birds died because someone grabbed a can of Raid insecticide from the Torres' porch and sprayed the whole thing directly on the parakeets, but why?

Four in your Corner's Mike Mason visited a Cape Coral pet shop to ask that very question.
"Are there people who just don't like these birds?" Mike asked. "Some people, some people yes, because of the noise", shop worker Matt Ciancimino admitted.

Torres says that's no excuse to kill an animal, "If the birds were annoying to someone they could've come and knocked on my door and said something to me but I've never received any complaints from anyone about them." Torres says she doesn't feel safe in her own home because the door doesn't lock from the outside and the screen is ripped wide open. So literally anyone in this neighborhood could have committed this crime.

We decided to knock on some doors to find out if neighbors had any clues as to who could have done this.

One woman who lived close by claimed she didn't know anything about it. Another resident across the street didn't appear affected by the news.

Stephen Palesky said, "It is what it is you know, what are you going to do about it? Do you know where you're at? Mike asked Palesky if he considered this section of North Fort Myers a bad neighborhood. Palesky remarked, "It ain't the best, you know".

But bad neighborhood or not, Torres feels she lost part of her family. She remembers how much her family adored the birds, "it was cute seeing them like kissing each other and they were like a little couple you know."
Torres is so upset about this that she's decided to move. She bought a "For Sale" sign and put her house on the market. If investigators ever do find out who killed the birds they could be charged with animal cruelty.

Here's a link to the Fox 4 News report:

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