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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The infamous 'Son of Sam' serial killer is coming up for parole and he now has thousands of supporters who say he's no longer a threat to society. In this special report David Berkowitz tells me exclusively what he plans to do when he goes before the parole board.

The infamous serial killer David Berkowitz, also known as the 'Son of Sam', will soon be up for parole for the fifth time. Berkowitz says he’s since found God and his supporters believe he’s no longer a threat to society. That’s why many fear he may soon be released from prison.
This week Berkowitz sent a letter exclusively to me explaining what he plans to do during his upcoming parole hearing. We’ve also obtained provocative prison journals from the serial killer and interviews never before released to the general public.

56 year old David Berkowitz has spent the past 33 years in prison and is currently housed at the Sullivan Correctional Facility in Fallsburg, New York. For years he has become disenchanted with speaking with reporters. In a letter in September 2009 he writes,"interviews for the most part were disappointing and never turned out as I had hoped."
However, Berkowitz has chosen to write to me for the past six months.

The man known as the Son of Sam says he has become a Born again Christian and proclaims, “I had a personal encounter with God almighty right inside the prison house.”
But there was nothing spiritual about his 13 month shooting spree in 1976 when he killed 6 people - leaving 7 wounded.
When arrested Berkowitz plead guilty and was sentenced to 6 consecutive life terms but after serving only 25 years state law allows him a chance for parole every two years.

Now that his 5th parole hearing is coming up in May, the Son of Sam swears he’s a changed man, “Today God has said you are now the Son of hope.”

Betty Allen is a Christian who has befriended Bekowitz “He is a totally different human being and that’s what Jesus Christ does in our lives.”  That apparent religious transformation has helped Berkowitz to gather intense support from Church groups and people from across the nation.

In a letter dated February 24th, 2010 Berkowitz tells me about the support he's received from the public. He writes:

“Everyone from college students to those in the military have gotten insight, inspiration, etc. It’s good to touch lives and give people some hope.”

New Yorkers who were there during the Son of Sam murders say they’ll never forget the terror they felt during that time. That chilling effect has left them with strong opinions on whether Berkowitz should ever be released from prison.

"Leave him there in that cage that’s where he belongs," Nina Soffer recalls how Berkowitz targeted women with dark hair. “Women were buying blonde wigs, they were dying their hair blonde I was a platinum blonde for a week."

Berkowitz says he has hurt enough people and has decided what he’ll do during his parole hearing in May. He chose to send this letter exclusively to me, two months before releasing it to his Parole Officer. It states:

“Please be advised that I am not seeking parole consideration at this time.” signed David Berkowitz.

People like Jeffrey Degan says they are not so convinced, “I think he’s a very clever manipulating human being."  Degan and Soffer both lived in New York City at the time of the murders and have since moved to Miami. When asked if Berkowitz should ever be released from prison, Soffer adamently replied. “I think it’s pretty difficult to cure somebody of psychosis, which is what he’s got."

The Son of Sam blames his rage on his involvement with a Satanic cult, "I really thought I was some kind of soldier in a Satanic army and we had determined to bring NYC to its knees.”

Berkowitz feels his previous drug and alcohol use, childhood problems, tendencies to vandalize buildings and set fires all lead up to his killing spree. He says, “ If I could go back I would take that gun and throw it right in the sewer.’

In the past couple of years Berkowitz has begun writing lenghty prison journals. He opines on everything from biblical scriptures to current events.  His latest entry warns kids about singer Susan Boyle.
He writes
“Little children, keep yo:urselves from idols. , Susan Boyle has become an overnight sensation and an idol. But idols come, and they go. We’ve become a nation of people worshippers.”

Berkowitz also refers to the bible's Book of Revelations which states Satan is set to take over the world, he writes:
“Everyone is going to be electronically tracked and monitored. And so tyrannical will this international body be that those who refuse to go along with it will be put to death.”
Soffer contends,“he has transferred his fantasies into religious ones but those fantasies and that disconnect from reality still exists.

Prison officials say Berkowitz has been a model inmate for the past two decades. His last disciplinary action was back in 1989 for having an unauthorized bible in his cell.

The family members and survivors of the Son of Sam's killing spree say they'll never be able forgive him.

In 1977 Stacy Moskowitz and her boyfriend Robert Violante, both 20, were in Violante's parked car . They were kissing when Berkowitz fired several gunshots into the car, striking both victims in the head. Moskowitz died several hours later in the hospital. Many years later Stacy's mother wrote several letters to Berkowitz saying she moved beyond the intense pain he has caused but she can’t forgive him for what he did. Tragically, since Stacey’s death her entire family has died including her mother, younger sister and her father. The mother and daughter had health issues and the father died of a heart attack.

Link to Mike Mason's Television Report on WPIX-TV:


  1. Where did you get the Quote “Women were buying blonde wigs, they were dying their hair blonde I was a platinum blonde for a week." I would like to use it for a paper I'm writing so I need it from a reliable source.
    Thank you

    1. That quote came from me, Nina Soffer, who was there in NYC when Berkowitz was on his rampage. I am a retired psychologist, and I submit to you that he is STILL a Paranoid Schizophrenic, merely dulled in his sickness by the long years in prison.

  2. The quote is from a woman named Nina Soffer, she lived in New York at the time of the killing spree.

  3. Anybody who wants to know the real story behind the son of sam killings should buy Maury Terry's book called "The Ultimate Evil". It's a hell of a book and every question you ever wanted to know is answered and proven in this book. It just amazes me that even today most people think the Son of Sam killings were done by David only. He was in a satanic cult and there were several people doing these killings. It was not just David. He was made to take the fall for all of it by The Process Church of Satan. Everybody else just walked away with all that blood on their hands and David took the fall. Nobody is safe in this country until people finally believe how many satanic groups are active right now in our own USA. That's why satanism is flouishing so rapidly. They hide their tracks well. People involved in this are doctors, businessmen, actors, blue collar workers, police . . . you have no idea. Educate yourselves and read this book. You will NOT be sorry.

    1. You are totally wrong. Berkowitz was, and is, a Paranoid Schizophrenic who committed his crimes alone. Voices told him to do it, but no cult was involved. Nina Soffer - the woman who has walked Berkowitz' walk.