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Friday, August 14, 2009

ASD members may only be getting half the that fair?

It's your money, your business and your right to know what's going on. Do you really want it to go to waste?

I am writing this note because I am concerned about a comment I received today from Steve Watt, a moderator of a website which focuses on ASD issues. He says information about my blog is apparently being eliminated from ASD forum discussions. This is what Steve wrote:

"I tried to get the Mods over on the surfs up forum to send an email blast out for this blog, but they didn't think it was a good idea and have banned me from the site...on the site they closed the discussion on Mike Mason. I do not know what their reasoning behind this was."

I don't know why someone would not want ASD members to know about my blog. I am investigating this case on my own dime and time as a service because I feel it is important.

Also, the moderators of the ASD members forum emailed me; their names are Barb and Kat. They were debating whether to send an email message to ASD members regarding my blog. They have access to 4,000 ASD members and can send an email 'blast' to all of them at the same time but they decided not to.

As ASD members I believe you have the right to know what is going on.

Here is something else to note, while I was searching for more ASD information on Google, I located an article about ASD and when I tried to click on it I was notified that I was 'banned' from the website's forum. The website belongs to the 'World Wide Scam Network' or WWSN. The site address is ""

At this time I don't know who maintains the WWSN website or what their motives would be for banning me.

My next report will likely be posted on Saturday. I will have some important developments including news from Andy Bowdoin's attorney, Charles Murray. He has agreed to update me on ASD's legal situation by Monday.

If ASD did nothing wrong then Bowdoin will likely need all the help he can get and ASD members need all their money so they can get back in business.


Mike Mason
Investigative Reporting Video Resume:


  1. Mike,
    Some of us in ASD appreciate your help. I wrote to you on Thursday advising you that the figures you were given(i.e. $53 Million in ASD) are approximately half of what was stated 9 months ago. I have saved my emails to verify. Please keep the fight going we are living in horrible times in this country.

  2. Mike I think you are for real and the public needs to know this . Mike if this goes to Court ASD will win. There are Expert witnesses that say this is Legal . If you call B. Jack Smith in Tennessee he is a MLM attorney I spoke to personally he said ASD was legal call him .

    Mike this program is FREE to join you make money on sales .10% referral and rebates are based on half of what sales were made that day . You get nothing for signing up people they can join for FREE !

    Mike this is a Paradigm shift . and people do not totally understand it We are loosing manufacturing jobs . This is the Future . Andy could go to jail and Google will make all the Money .

    We are now a Nation of Services . This is a service that small businesses can afford and it will help brand them as we grow it will be more valuable .

    Mike as we move to a larger base of people the advertisement becomes more valuable . people were doing business and this was real to many and very valuable as it was developing.

    The Government did not shut them down ,they just took there money That is what Cowdin said . If they were Illegal shut them down take Andy to jail.That never happened . There was no evidenced there were no Victims . This is not FREE Enterprise .

    It has been a year and there has been no charges and people were not even notified that the Government Agents took there money . The last $40 million the Government cashed . Why , there name was not on the checks . ( We call that embezzlement )

    That money should have been returned to the remitter or kept for evidence not cashed that is troublesome . if not give them there money T

    There are fortunes made on the Internet today and we need this in America . They will move to other Countries if we don't allow this in the U.S.A. and there goes more taxable income .

    If they were illegal why did they not ( shut them down ) they just took money . There has got to be more to this it does not make sense . This has nothing to do with Andy's Character this is Business 101 Jerry

  3. Mike, several others have tried to intervene in this case, filing motions to do so. They have all met the same fate. The Judge has denied them because they have no standing in the case. Andy has had an evidentiary hearing he demanded yet failed to attend, and had he been so squeeky clean, things would have ended there. Then he signs away all claims to his money in January. Now he wants a do-over. How do you plan on helping with that? I have the documents from Pacer that tell us that's where we all are. The judge has to decide if he has a legal right to get a do-over, based on his reasons. You will have no effect on what the Judge decides. They are trying to settle the case. You are not helping anyone. My 2 cents.

    If you want to help him with his appeals, perhaps that would be better suited to your skills.

  4. Jerry, by the way.. this "thing" went to Court already... almost a year ago. Where have you been? The case number is
    1:08-cv-01345 RMC

  5. It was a Kangaroo Court . Gerald Nerah M.L.M. Attorney Expert Witness said it was Legal . His Testimony was not even taken under consideration There were no victims testifying .The Investigative Agents were not even there .

    There were several witnesses that A.S.D. had there the Judge did not allow .Where were the Governments Expert witness to appose Nerah . As far as I'm concerned he was the only one there to make a qualified decision .

    Gerald Nerah was hired by A.S.D. just a couple weeks before this happened Nerah was going to help ASD with there program the Government knew that . I believe they were in some violations , but to take the life out of such a powerful marketing Idea it is unheard of .

    There will be others to make this work just not in America we do not except FREE Enterprise anymore ( very sad )

    I could not believe they would not release $2 Million and allow A.S.D. to operate and be monitored by the Court like ASD asked for . This seemed to me to give them the benefit of the doubt sense the Government had no witness and no Victims at all.

    Why would they cash the checks that would create so many victims . They had the evidence and you know people will get pennies on the dollar for that money . Take there money to pay people to protect them from people taking there money. . When the Government and there Attorneys get there cut everyone involved will be victims.

    This is not about Andy , I believe if this went before a Jury Trial they would see what I see . Injustice done .

    I believe this whole discussion is to late I'm sure they are going to do what they have already decided to do (This will be my last post ) Jerry

  6. Mr. Mason, Mr. Mason, Mr. Mason... Once again - with all due respect for your journalistic credentials - you seem not to have investigated before writing this post.

    You say in your opening paragraph, "It's your money, your business and your right to know what's going on. Do you really want it to go to waste?"

    One point at a time, let's look at what you said:

    1) Saying "It's your money" is incorrect. Publicly available information documents the fact that the money, once sent to ASD, legally became the property of the company - which then transferred it to Andy Bowdoin's personal accounts. The fact that company didn't keep its end of the bargain is a valid issue, but ownership of the money is not legally in question.

    2) To say it's "your business" is also incorrect. Those involved in sending money to ASD were customers who purportedly bought advertising, not investors in the company. Let me respectfully suggest that you use your investigative skills to locate and read ASD's Terms of Service to see what ASD itself said about that issue; it's not in question.

    3) To say it's "your right to know what's going on" is correct to the extent that customers who didn't get what they were promised, i.e., advertising, have a right to ask why. However, as to the money involved, customers have no "rights" at all, as discussed above.

    4) To ask, "Do you really want it to go to waste?" is obviously a question designed to elicit an emotional reaction. Clearly no one who paid ASD for advertising wants to see that money "go to waste". However, the person who can keep that from happening is Mr. Bowdoin, who is reported to have the ability to deliver the advertising any time he wants to do so.

    Why do I say that? because publicly available documentation says ASD's computers have been returned by the authorities and ASD and/or Mr. Bowdoin have significant funds offshore that can be used to cover expenses. However, activating the advertising would satisfy only those advertisers who really wanted advertising and not the opportunity to get rich from the "rebates", which were the basis of the authorities deeming it to be an illegal enterprise.


  7. Please Don't quit Mike. My family and I support what you are doing.

  8. Just for your information the Don that posted above on this blog also posts on I just wanted you to see how he speaks of you when he is not on your site.

    Don: Let me remind everyone that the reason most of us got into ASD was because of the “credentials” of Thomas Anderson Bowdoin, Jr.Or, more accurately stated, the credentials that he, himself, told us that he had. This is eerily similar to Mr. Mason, who begins his “about me” with:I have won the most prestigious awards in the television industry including Columbia University’s Alfred I. DuPont Award, Emmys, National Edward R. Murrow, Investigative Reporters & Editors Certificate (IRE), Associated Press, SPJ among others. I am known for landing that impossible interview and finding the smoking gun.About the only thing he left out was that he was a good Christian man. Andy sure rode that into the ground. What are Mike Mason’s motives, exactly?

  9. Japeth,

    Thanks for your ability to copy and paste, but I am sure that if Mr. Mason is an true investigative reporter, he already has seen what I typed on the other forums as part of his investigations. However, my opinion of his reports to fate is the same, not impressive, and nothing new to add to a one year old event.

  10. Don,

    Thanks!! It took a while for me to learn! I simply wanted to make sure that Mr. Mason was aware of what you thought of silly things like awards and credentials! To return the compliment: you are an artist at belittling people! An he has added new things: THE TRUTH! Patiently waiting for you hateful resposne! Come on you have done it to everyone who mentions your name, don't let me down now!

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